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My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance & The Used - Under Pressure



     Check out MCR on the cover of the UK magazine Rock Sound - "I don't think this band will ever stop feeling right or good. But when it's the natural time, it should die", says Gerard Way in this feature with amazing photos.


Gerard Way - Vocals
Ray Toro - Guitar
Mikey Way - Bass
Frank Iero - Guitar
Bob Bryar - Drums
Lifting their name from the cult description of Irvine Welsh's novels, My Chemical Romance is emerging as one of the most promising young bands in recent musical memory. Their sound, distinct and fresh, pledges allegiance to everyone from Iron Maiden and The Misfits to Morrissey and At The Gates. Having a live show that explodes with energy and leaves a footprint in the face of all things in it's way, My Chemical Romance has spent 2003 trekking around the United States numerous times and traveled to Europe to do a string of dates in the UK, Germany, Holland, & Spain. This has given the five lads a chance to further hone their skills and craft, all the while connecting with fans on an international level. It all seems like quite a feat for a little band from Newark, NJ.


The new CD+DVD "Life on the Murder Scene" will come out November 22nd. It contains live tracks, b-sides and demos. The DVD contains a documentary as well as the 3 clips and making ofs. It's going to be exactly like The Used's Maybe Memories CD+DVD thing. MCR are also playing a new song called Shut Up and Pray.


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